Short commercial for Apple Pay
about the captivating journey of a dollar bill

You better
don’t touch.

Have you ever thought about what kind of journey a dollar bill makes before landing inside your wallet? In our spec spot “Dirty Money”, we tell the story of a freshly printed ten-dollar-bill emerging from an ATM and follow its gradual unhygienic demise through the disgusting scenarios it encounters while changing its owner multiple times. But isn’t there a more hygienic solution to rescue Hamilton’s handsome face from mutilation? There certainly is.

Client: Apple
Director: Sinan Sevinç & Dominik Ströhle
DoP: Christopher Behrmann
Producer: Yili Baumann
Editor: Bela Adami
Music: Alexander Wolf David
Sounddesign: Marco Dahl & Julian Berg
VFX: Mario Bertsch & Matthias Schaudig
Production Design: Marie Becher & Maria Schmid
Kostüm/Maske: Sarah Heidelberger & Mara Laibacher
1. AC: Marco Breidenbach & Kevin Brari
2. AC: Kai Bestek
Gaffer: Dennis Banemann, Garry Sonnebom & Philip Henze
Sparks: Hanna Lange, Chrissi Jess, Chris Gruber, Nils Ecke & Lina Marzin
Grip: Julian Pfaff, Jakob Sinsel & Sina Diehl
Grip Assistance: Linus Heinzler
1st AD: Philipp Schaeffer, Lennard Fricke & Lisa Davydenko
Set Runner: Andreas Scherlinger
Hygiene: Philipp Schaeffer & Britt Albrecht
Production Driver: Rene Colling
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH