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Music video 'Casino' for the Artist Ardian Bujupi
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‘Casino’ by Ardian Bujupi
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Columbia Records

As a small boy Ardian flees with his family from Kosovo to Germany. He grows up in a ghetto and, like many of his friends, he is in danger to end up on the wrong path. But everything was to turn out differently – by a lucky coincidence his way brought him to music and changed his life completely.

Client: Sony Music & Columbia Records
Director: Sinan Sevinç & Dominik Ströhle
Director of Photography: Christopher Behrmann
Sounddesign: Marco Dahl & Julian Berg
Grading: Delfina Mayer
Editor: Sinan Sevinç & Dominik Ströhle
Key-Grip: Sascha Ronge
Production Design: Fenia Garbe
Cast: Kristina Wiens (INSIDE Management)
Production Company: Fourmat Film GmbH
Producer: Nicolas Kronauer & Till Helldobler