Apple Grand Escape

'The Grand Escape' – Apple
Shot on iPhone 14 Pro

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro

Shot entirely on the iPhone 14, Sinan brings to life the hustle and bustle of the iconic market with a spot that whips through its stalls following a pair of skaters on a quest to perfect their tricks.

Client: Apple
Agency: Media Arts Lab
Produced by: Stink Films
Director: Sinan Sevinç @sinansevinc_
Executive Producer: Jon Chads @jonchads
Producer: Lucy Gossage @lucy.gossage
Director of Photography: Justin Brown @mrjustinbrown
Everything Operator: Daniel Ilabaca @danielilabaca
Cast: Bartu Küçükçağlayan @bartu_kucukcaglayan
Skate Coordinator: Dan Mangee @chopchopmate
Music: Altin Gün @altingunband
Sounddesign: Berg&Dahl Audio