Geist | Dally

Music Video 'Geist' for the Artist Dally
powered by Warner Music Group

Wie ein Geist,
schrei doch bin zu leise.

“Geist” is a song that is particularly close to the heart of the young artist DALLY. In the lyrics he reviews his past and his steps so far. From his growing up in Ludwigsburg, the first points of contact with music, through for example the participation and the win at The Voice Kids 2014, to the experiences in the music biz in recent years. One thing he got to feel early on: All that glitters is not gold.

Client: Warner Music Group
Director: Sinan Sevinç & Dominik Ströhle
Director of Photography: Wesley William Salamone
Editor: Victor Haselmayer
Sounddesign: Marco Dahl & Julian Berg (berg&dahl audio)
Motion Design: Jan Hubl (zwischendrunter)
Color Grading: Peter Hacker
Production Design: Nora Balmer
Production Design Assistant: Anna Vehres & Michael Hessenbruch
Styling: Sarah Heidelberger
Make-Up: Diellza Jahiri
Gaffer: Holger Enck
Grip: Leon Hörtich
Phantom High-Speed Operator: Philipp Koncsek
1st AC: Trung Bùi
Sparks: Markus Ott & Lina Marzin
Photographer: Niklas Niessner
Production Company: The Sweetspot